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Hi, Im Sylvia

I am a Reiki, Access Bars, and Body Whispering Practitioner. 

Although I was born in New Zealand I grew up in France from the age of five. I lived there until I graduated High School. 

A career in Film & TV led me to live in the USA for a few years before I eventually returned to NZ. 

I am now based in West Auckland with my little boy and husband. Navigating through life, relationships, having a French and Kiwi background, becoming a parent, and working in the Film & TV industry for 17 years have all led me onto the path of Energy and Holistic Healing. 

I am very passionate about it because of the impact it has had on my life and those around me. I understand first hand the impact that stress, trauma, loss, and grief can have on our bodies and how hard it can be to bring your nervous system down from the fight or flight mode. 

I believe everyone should have acces to these gentle yet powerful healing methods. 

Nothing makes me happier than to see clients walking out with a smile on their face knowing they have taken their first steps to feeling better. 

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My Approach

My intention with our sessions is to allow the client to lead the way with my support and guidance. So they feel confident in what their needs are. This can sometimes take time, but ultimately I am trying to provide clients with the tools to to better look after themselves. 

Because of our busy, on the go world, it is easy for everyone to get caught up in what others think and might need from us rather than focusing on ourselves and what our needs are. 

We work to recentre ourselves on what our minds, bodies, and souls need to function in a healthy sustainable way. 

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