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Three techniques to improve your overall wellness

Sylvia is a skilled practitioner in Reiki, Access Bars, and Body Whispering.

During a session a combination of all three techniques can be used to leave

you feeling relaxed and restored. 


Reiki, a Japanese term pronounced Ray Key, translates to Spiritual Energy. It represents a unique healing frequency.


During a Reiki session, this energy is transmitted through the practitioner's hands, which are placed gently across the body from head to toe. It flows through all the body's Chakras, or energy centres, following a technique that originated in Japan centuries ago. Reiki aims to clear stagnant energy, promoting relaxation and stress relief, and offering mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

Clients often experience a sense of alignement and relaxation after a session. It's recommended for those feeling stagnant, stressed, anxious, or 'stuck,' as it can help clear accumulated energy, allowing for a fresh start.

Access Bars

During an Access Bars session, the practitioner gently touches 32 specific points on the head; by doing so the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, considerations and preconceived ideas are effortlessly and easily released. 

This process is akin to deleting redundant files on a computer. The released energy clears the way for new, beneficial thoughts and ideas.

Access Bars is often described as “cleaning up the hard drive of your brain’s computer,” helping delete old, ineffective files and programs, allowing more space for fresh, new creations.

When you receive an Access Bars treatment, it opens up your body and mind’s innate abilities to heal itself, promoting ease with your body, mind, sleep, and overall well-being. Clients often experience a sense of floating and lightness as they are no longer weighed down by unnecessary thoughts and worries.

This perticular technique is helpful for negative thought patterns, endless mental chatter, anyone who has a busy, stressful day to day life, or maybe has gone through a difficult time and is wanting to leave that in the past and start fresh. 

Body Whispering

Body Whispering is a gentle, hands-on technique that is deeply rooted in nature and grondin energy. By focusing on what the body is "expressing" to us we are able to  to release accumulated energy and anything that no longer serves it.

Often times this process has multiple layers that need to be worked through to get back to the a healthy place where the body can communicate effectively what it needs to operate at full capacity. 

By clearing this energy, Body Whispering can promote relaxation and a sense of ease in the mind but also in the body. It's particularly beneficial for those with anxiety, insomnia, chronic pains, stress, life traumas.

Body Whispering is rooted in the belief that the body stores memories and experiences, which can impact physical and emotional well-being. By focusing on perticular areas of the body, practitioners aim to release these stored energies, allowing for greater clarity, balance, and vitality.


This approach is holistic, addressing the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and spirit. Many people find Body Whispering sessions to be deeply relaxing like a breath of fresh air, with effects that can be felt long after the session ends.

Throughout my different sessions with Sylvia I have been able to find myself again and regain confidence and motivation. It helped me navigate a difficult time in my life. I now have the space in my mind to focus on my health and well-being.

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