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Frequently asked questions

Using a combination of Reiki, Access Bars, and Body Whispering Sylvia can help you feel relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated.


Q: What is the recommended arrival time for my energy healing session?

A: To ensure you receive your full allocated slot, I suggest arriving 5 minutes before your booking time.

Q: Where are the energy healing sessions held?

A: Sessions are held in Warkworth, West Auckland or via a remote session depending on what is most convenient for you. The address details will be provided upon booking.

Q: What occurs during an energy healing session?

A: During the session, you will remain fully clothed. Energy healing is a non-invasive treatment that works energetically. The practitioner will lightly place their hands on specific areas of your body, including the head, shoulders, abdomen, hips, and legs.

Q: What should I wear?

A: I recommend wearing comfortable clothing. It's best to avoid eating a large meal or drinking coffee 2 hours before the treatment. Please refrain from consuming alcohol on the day of your treatment.

Q: What can I expect after an energy healing session?

A: After the session, you may feel deeply relaxed, and some clients even fall asleep during treatment (you will still benefit from the energy healing while asleep). Energy healing can sometimes release emotions and suppressed feelings. It's advisable to relax post-session, drink plenty of water, and be kind to yourself. I suggest avoiding social events afterward, allowing you to integrate any experiences from the session.

Q: Can I purchase crystals with my energy healing booking and collect them at my session?

A: Yes, absolutely! I have a selection you can choose from and will prepare them for you to collect at your session.

Q: How many energy healing sessions should I have?

A: Energy healing is cumulative, meaning additional sessions contribute to more healing. Typically, clients come in once a month for maintenance, keeping their energy clear and vibrant. However, some clients schedule sessions every 2 weeks or every 6 months. The frequency depends on your healing journey; book when you feel it's right for you.

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Book a session with Sylvia

Book a session with Sylvia and experience ancient healing techniques that can improve your overall wellbehing. 

I highly recommend Sylvia, everytime I go to have a session with her I know I will be releasing a lot of my stress and I will feel so much more relaxed. I always feel happier, lighter and life is easier after I’ve had an energy healing session.

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